Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Proclaiming the Kingdom

What an amazing Creator and God we serve. I am blessed in so many ways in my life and it is because of my Savior and King, because of the truth and love I have found in Him.

I find myself so many times, trying to live a life that demonstrates Christ. Trying to be that woman of God I want to be, to look different to others, and to try and show those that don't know the God I know, that living a life with Christ is a life of complete and utter joy, because no matter what this world of sin throws at you, you have won because Christ has won! Although without the proclamation of the Kingdom, this goal is only half attempted! Without sharing that the reason I live the way I do is because of the King I serve, I'm not completing my job! The Kindom of Heaven is right now, it is here, it is ready for all to enter in, experience, and expand! This treasure we have is an exciting one, and one of endless joy. Why would we choose to not proclaim such amazing news!!? Even though some may not understand or accept it, the world needs to know that the KINGDOM has come! It is here! My prayer is that your heart will be stirred as mine is, and that together we would go Proclaiming the Kingdom of God! The wonderful name of Jesus!
"And as you go, preaching(proclaiming) saying, "The Kingdom of heaven is at hand." Matthew 10:7

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