Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jonesboro Craft Show - Little Bit of Christmas

We had a great weekend at the Jonesboro, Little Bit of Christmas craft show. There was a great turn out and it was fun to see everything we had worked so hard on all put together! Here are the pictures of our booth.

My sister made this amazing christmas daygown! I love it!

So I stayed up late on Saturday night to finish these up to have them ready for the last day of the show on Sunday. I made 3 razorbacks, and 1 fleur de lis and only came home with 1 razorback. I'd say it was sleep worth losing! :)

Mom did this adorable stocking hanger, it says "the stockings were hung" and it has pegs to hang stockings.

Dad was our runner for the weekend. He kept us stocked on caffeine!

The star of the show! I wouldn't love this art so much if it weren't for this woman and most of the things you see are her amazing handy work! I love her! Good Job Mom!

My sister knitted these adorable hats! Perfect for those sweet bebes.

These were so neat. They were two-sided. You could choose the pumpkin/ornament or the snowman/ornament.

Painted window panes

I hope you enjoyed! Let us know if we can make any of these things for you and email me at


  1. wow Carly!!! everything looks so cute and well made.... im so impress with you work and your family they are so talented!! if you want to i'll be more than happy to let you have some of your stuff left over in my bot. i wont have much, im mainly taking orders. let me know :)

  2. i meant to say "booth" :o haha, sorry!