Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What's in a name?

Lately I've been writing a lot. Even if it's just a short thought or long pouring of the heart, I've just been jotting it down. It's very therapeutic and even though I'm not the best writer in the world, I really do enjoy it. Yet I have this cute little blog with no post for...(ehhhem)..8 months.

Why is it so stinkin hard for me to stay up to post on this you ask? Probably because I haven't been much of a crafter lately, and this blog was very much created as a craft blog. SO since writing has been my outlet lately, I've decided to expand beyond craft posts, now don't you worry, if that's the only reason you visit here, there will still be the occasional project or craft show details/pics, but I'm looking forward to sharing more about my life with any of you that may follow me.

In honor of royal baby George (boy does that have a ring to it) having his name announced today, I want to start with the name of my blog and how it came about. "BIG HOUSE, little table" is a random name some of you might think but for my family it has a very memorable story, much more than just a name. As many of you many know my dad is a builder, honestly I think the correct name for what he does is contractor, but I think builder sounds a lot more personable. ;) 

The gist is he builds houses, furniture, cabinets, mister fix it all and everything inbetween. Well growing up for a very long time we didn't have a large dining table. Our table was basically a small child's table my dad had built for us with bench seats that sat inbetween the kitchen and living room. It was great, we never knew the difference...(Although I'm sure my mom did..ha!) 

Our little family of 6 would squeeze in there together for dinner, and our large empty dining room stayed empty. It was quite the sight I'm sure. Which is why when my dad invited some of his crew that had been working with him, it didn't go unnoticed. The crew my dad had invited over weren't just any workers, and really none of my dads workers have been treated like just a crew. He treated them like family always, and gave them he upmost of respect.

Now these particular 3 guys were from Guatemala and we all adored them! We might have not always understood them the best, but what's that saying, "love is a universal language"...or at least I just made it a saying. :) When the guys arrived at our house they had to have made note of the size of our house, we lived in a cute two story house with plenty of room for our family. We were in no way a very wealthy family, but to them, yes we were very wealthy. Then they walk in our house and join us at the table for dinner, yes the child's size table! We started eating and I bet you know where this is going...all of a sudden one of the guys says, "you have big house, little table"...and we all just laughed, realizing how silly it really did look. It's become one of our favorite memories, especially cause it helps us remember those sweet guys. 

And now for some embarrassment, so you can see the little table that went in the big house...
It was basically used for everything, there was one picture of me using all the benches as a bed, and another as me "modeling" on the table...nice...I chose not to share those...ha!

You love the hair, right? I'll be sure and do a seperate post with the number to my hairdresser then. I know you are dying for this look! :)

Have a great night and hopefully I'll be back sooner than later! 

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