Saturday, October 27, 2012

Razorback Game Day

Getting ready for the Razorback game this morning and decided I would do a quick little blog post. Last time I wrote a blog post about Razorback football, I expressed that I'm a little less than concerned of the outcome of games...BUT I like it when they win because that makes my husband happy. ;) I still have the same feelings, but now I have really fallen more in love with going to games with my husband and friends and surprisingly I can kind of keep up with what's happening.  It still baffles me that these are practically babies that we are yelling at and put so much pressure on to do good in the game, and I think I will always think of that when I hear someone yell at a player. I don't think I could ever have handled that type of pressure in college...or now, after being in the real world.  Although, how exciting it must be when they win, to have fans cheering them on! That must be an awesome feeling. This morning I wanted to show some pre-game support by posting a few of the razorback things I've done over the years. I hope you enjoy!


Email me if I can make any of these things for you. Hope you have a great Saturday! :)


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